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Langer Research Associates is the primary news poll provider for ABC News, responsible for ABC’s partnership in the ABC News/Washington Post poll and the network’s ongoing coverage of public opinion on politics, policy, social trends and international issues.

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October 2014

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Romney Leads Scattered 2016 GOP Field, Clinton Still Dominates the Democratic Race (full pdf here)

Ebola Worries Ease a Bit Despite Preparedness Concerns (full pdf here)

Economic, Political Discontent Make for a Midterm Double Punch (full pdf here)

Most Americans Back Supreme Court on Gay Marriage — Including in the Affected States (full pdf here)

Trouble Looms for Obama, Democrats with Election Day 2014 Approaching (full pdf here)

Amid Broad Worries of an Ebola Outbreak, Two-Thirds Say Government Should Do More (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Record Disapproval for Dems in Congress; GOPers, Congress Overall are Even Lower (full pdf here)

Broad Backing for Air Strikes on ISIS; Less for U.S. Forces as Advisers in Iraq (full pdfhere)


Blog post:

More Prefer Public Transit to Road Building

What’s Bugging Voters? Plenty

Midterm Elections: In Search of a Theme

September 2014

Blog post

Support for Airstrikes against ISIS: Following the Trend Lines

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Obama Hits a New Low for Leadership, With Criticism on ISIS & Immigration Alike (full pdf here)

August 2014

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Support for U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq Jumps (full pdf here)

“Own Rep” Rating Hits a Record Low, Marking the Public’s Political Discontent (full pdf here)

July 2014

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Obama Rated Poorly on Mideast Conflict (full pdf here)

More than Half Back Immigration Plan; Ratings Weak for Obama, GOP Leaders (full pdf here)

June 2014

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Poll Finds Criticism of Obama on Iraq Despite Agreement on Ground Forces (full pdf here)

Most Favor Charges if Bergdahl Deserted (full pdf here)


Blog post:

Obama, Cheney and the War in Iraq

From the Iraq Polling Archive

Poll finds a Tie Game on Sterling Sale


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton Shows Strengths for 2016 – Yet with Some Chinks in her Armor (full pdf here)

Will Hispanics Give U.S. Soccer a Kick? (full pdf here)

Americans’ Ideology and Age Drive Gay Marriage Views (full pdf here)

New Low in Preference for the Death Penalty (full pdf here)

Obama Slips on International Affairs – A New Challenge on Top of the Old Ones (full pdf here)

Broad concern about Global Warming Boosts Support for the New EPA Regulations (full pdf here)

May 2014

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clintons Score in Popularity; Karl Rove Not So Much (full pdf here)


Blog post:

In Views of Obamacare, Perceived National Impact Trumps Self-Interest (full pdf here)

In Bad Data for Democrats, Better News for One

The Election and the Economy


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Who’s Looking Out for the Little Person? Small Businesses Fly; Congress Flunks (full pdf here)

April 2014

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Running for President? A Known Name Can Help (full pdf here)

Public Preference for a GOP Congress Marks a New Low in Obama’s Approval (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Broad Public Approval for Feds on Boston Bombing Investigation (full pdf here)

March 2014

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Majority Backs Sanctions on Russia Only With European Allies on Board (full pdf here)

At 49 Percent Support, Obamacare Hits a High (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Public Divides on College Players Union But Most Nix Salaries for Student Atheletes (full pdf here)

Two-Thirds Back Keystone Pipeline; More See Jobs than Environmental Risk (full pdf here)

Two-Thirds Would Consider Clinton – Ahead, for Now, of GOP Prospects (full pdf here)

Record Support for Gay Marriage; Half See it as a Constitutional Right (full pdf here)

Economy Hits Dems, GOP “Out of Touch” – Pushing Anti-Incumbency to a 25-Year High (full pdf here)

February 2014

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Figure Skating Glides to Gold in Winter Games Popularity (full pdf here)

Americans are So-So on Sochi; Perceptions of Putin Don’t Help (full pdf here)

January 2014

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Jam for Christie, Clear Lane for Clinton in an Early Look at the 2016 On-Ramp (full pdf here)

Politics 2014: Low Confidence in Leaders and a Dead Heat in Midterm Preferences (full pdf here)


ABC News poll:

From Getting a Raise to Spending Less, Many Americans Say: Bring on the Advice (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Americans Split Evenly on Legalizing Marijuana (full pdf here)

Dems, GOP in Congress: Unlucky in Love (full pdf here)

December 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Most Want Some Troops in Afghanistan Despite Strong Criticism of the War (full pdf here)

Most Back Minimum Wage Hike & Policies to Address the Wealth Gap (full pdf here)

A Drop in Opposition to Obamacare Helps Stabilize a Struggling Presidency (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Pope Francis, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Is Vastly Popular Among Catholics (full pdf here)

November 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Many View NSA Intrusion as Unjustified But More See Damage From Snowden Leaks (full pdf here)

Most Support a Deal with Iran; Few Are Confident It’ll Work (full pdf here)

Fifty Years Later, Many Still See Broader JFK Plot, Cover-up (full pdf here)

Most Favor Independent Prosecutors in Military Sexual Assault Cases (full pdf here)

Botched ACA Rollout Hammers Obama; Job Disapproval Reaches a Career High (full pdf here)


Exit poll analysis:

New Jersey and Virginia: Exit Poll Results Tell a Tale of Two Republicans 

October 2013

ABC News/Fusion Poll: Vast Gaps in Basic Views on Gender, Race, Religion and Politics (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Congress Dives, Anti-Incumbency Soars in Deep Post-Shutdown Criticism (full pdf here)

Public Splits on Health Care Law Amid Concern Over Website Flaws (full pdf here)

Survey Finds Challenges in Breast Cancer Awareness (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Disapproval of GOP Peaks in Blame for the Budget Crisis (full pdf here)

Republicans Lose Ground vs. Obama in the Shutdown Blame Game (full pdf here)

September 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Disapproval on Budget Debate Puts the GOP at Greater Risk (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Three Years Later, Obamacare Arrives – Little Understood and Not Well Liked (full pdf here)

Public Splits on Debt Limit Even with Fears of Damage (full pdf here)

With Poor Ratings on Handling Syria, Obama’s Approval Worst in Over a Year (full pdf here)

Five Years After the Economy’s Meltdown, Most Still See Inadequate Safeguards (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Opposition to Striking Syria Advances With Nearly Two-Thirds Now Opposed (full pdf here)

Six in 10 Oppose U.S.-Only Strike on Syria; A Closer Division if Allies are Involved (full pdf here)

July 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Afghan War Fatigure Hits New High, Matching Levels Last Seen in Iraq (full pdf here)

Majority Supports Legal Abortion, But Details Indicate Ambivalence (full pdf here)

Attitudes Shift Against Snowden; Fewer than Half Say NSA is Unjustified (full pdf here)

Policy Divisions Challenge Obama, But GOP Battles its Own Discontent (full pdf here)

Vast Racial Gap on Trayvon Martin Case Marks a Challenging Conversation (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

More Than Half Back Citizenship and Border Security Plans Alike (full pdf here)

Many Criticize Voting Rights Ruling; Partisan Splits on Gay Marriage Continue (full pdf here)

June 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Vast Racial Gap on Trayvon Martin Case Marks a Challenging Conversation (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Clinton, Obama Slip in Popularity; Uncertainty About Rubio Stays High (full pdf here)

Most Back NSA Surveillance Efforts – But Also Seek Congressional Hearings (full pdf here)

Public Preferences Differ on Top SCOTUS cases (full pdf here)

Tech Giants Hold the Fort in Basic Public Popularity (full pdf here)

May 2013

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Budget Cuts Get Personal; Those Who Are Hurt, Holler (full pdf here)

Support for Legal Status Holds; So Do Sizable Partison Divisions (full pdf here)

Public Sharply Critical on IRS, Benghazi; But Economy Cuts Obama Some Slack (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Poll Finds Majority Acceptance of Gays from the B-ball Court to the Boy Scouts (full pdf here)

Seven in 10 Support the Death Penalty If Accused Boston Bomber Is Convicted (full pdf here)

April 2013

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Most View Knox Sympathetically (full pdf here)

G.W. Bush Advances in Esteem Yet Still with More Brush to Cut (full pdf here)

With April 15 Looming, ‘Tis the Season to Duck (full pdf here)

Public Views on Immigration Reform Underscore the GOP’s Conundrum (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Support for Gun Checks Stays High; Two-Thirds Back a Path for Immigrants (full pdf here)

March 2013

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Congress Improves Among Hispanics; Obama, SCOTUS Hold Majority Popularity (full pdf here)

Most Back Cuts Overall – But Not to the Military (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Poll Tracks Dramatic Rise in Support for Gay Marriage (full pdf here)

More Americans Sympathize with Israel, Don’t Want U.S. to Lead Peace Talks (full pdf here)

Large Racial Gap Marks Trust on Immigration (full pdf here)

Drops in Approval & Trust on Economy End Obama’s Post-Election Honeymoon (full pdf here)

Some Gun Measures Broadly Backed But the Politics Show an Even Split (full pdf here)

On Eve of Conclave, Record Criticism of Church for Its Handling of Sexual Abuse Scandals (full pdf here)

February 2013

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

On the Brink of the Budget Sequester, More Damage for the GOP than Obama (full pdf here)

Outgoing Pope Popular, But Not as Much as His Predecessor (full pdf here)

Americans Unhappy With System Overall, But Obama’s Policies Beat Out GOP’s (full pdf here)

Poll Finds a Boost for Obama on Handling Immigration (full pdf here)

January 2013

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Obama’s Favorability Best Since ’09; 2-1 Approval for Inaugural Address (full pdf here)

Majority Sees Obama’s Gun Control Plan Favorably (full pdf here)

Clinton More Popular than Biden; Let the 2016 Handicapping Begin (full pdf here)

Public Lukewarm on Cliff Deal, But Obama Bests Boehner (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Better Job Rating, Advantage on Debt Limit Mark the Start of Obama’s Second Term (full pdf here)

More Support Than Oppose Hagel (full pdf here)

On Eve of Newtown Recommendations, Most Back New Gun Control Measures (full pdf here)

December 2012

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Despite Hints of Recovery, Optimism’s Scarce for the Yeah Ahead (full pdf here)

Fixing the GOP: Party Like It’s 1949 (full pdf here)

Few Back U.S. Military Role in Syria – But Support Jumps in Specific Cases (full pdf here)

Obama Holds Most Cards in Cliff Talks, But With No Mandate – and Risks Aplenty (full pdf here)

Many See Societal Issues in CT Shootings; Most Back Ban on High-Capacity Clips (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Obama Tops Boehner on Budget Talks, With Much Broader Support (full pdf here)

Hillary Clinton Wins High Popularity, Majority Support for a 2016 Bid (full pdf here)

November 2012

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Among Cliff-Avoidance Options Most Favor Targeting the Wealthy (full pdf here)

Petraeus’ Image Takes a Hit; Split Views on the FBI’s Approach (full pdf here)

Majority Supports Path to Citizenship; Greater Division on Other Social Issues (full pdf here)

2012 ABC News Exit Poll Analysis:

A Draw on the Economy, a Win on Empathy – and the Face of a Changing Nation

ABC News/Washington Post Daily Tracking polls:

A Slim Edge Opens for Obama As the Closest Contest Concludes (full pdf here)

Leadership Ratings Help Obama; 50 Percent Approval, Not So Much (full pdf here)

Romney Rises in Favorability; Obama’s Pushback is Intesity (full pdf here)

55% “Wrong Track” Matches 2004; A Difficulty for Obama, but Survivable (full pdf here)

Romney Leads in Confidence on Recovery – But Obama Escapes Most Economic Blame (full pdf here)


October 2012

ABC News/Washington Post Daily Tracking polls:

Storm Response Earns Obama Praise Amid the Election’s Deadlock Drama (full pdf here)

Tighter Gender Gap, Sharper Partisanship – But No Change in the Bottom Line (full pdf here)

Edge on the Middle Class Helps Obama Counterpunch (full pdf here)

2012 Presidential Race Is its Own Perfect Storm (full pdf here)

Even Split on Economic Plans Marks a So-Close 2012 Contest (full pdf here)

Obama, Romney Tie in Voter Outreach, a Closer Ground Game Than in ’08 (full pdf here)

Romney Hits the 50 Percent Mark, with a Clear Edge on the Economy (full pdf here)

Romney Takes Lead on Economy; White Men are the Movers (full pdf here)

Romney Ekes Out Bragging Rights; For Obama, Approval Slips Below 50% (full pdf here)

Debate Ahead, Romney Gains on Int’l Afffairs – But Continues to Lag on Economic Priorities (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Enthusiasm Rises for Romney; Obama Has a ‘Right-Track’ Retort (full pdf here)

Married Women Lead the Way in End-of-Life Discussions (full pdf here)

Obama Leads on Expectations – But the Race Itself Stays Close (full pdf here)


Blog post:

Election 2012: No Fun for the Middle (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

In the Battle of the Spouses, Romney’s Up, But Obama Leads (full pdf here)

A Popularity High for Romney – but Ditto for Obama (full pdf here)

Lackluster Popularity Dogs the Political Parties (full pdf here)

September 2012

Blog post:

Before the Debates: A Polling Review (full pdf here)

Persuadable Voters (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Criticism of Romney’s Campaign Grows; Six in 10 Rate His Efforts Negatively (full pdf here)

Obama Resurfaces in Favorability, Re-opening the Popularity Gap (full pdf here)

Obama’s Popularity Dips Underwater; For Romney, a Faint Favorability Bounce (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Super PAC Spending: Who’s Helped? (full pdf here)

Obama Gains a Convention Boost – But Not Among Likely Voters (full pdf here)

August 2012

Blog post:

Persuadable Voters

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Low Favorability Trails Romney Up to the Convention Dais (full pdf here)

Ryan Stalls on Popularity But Biden Does No Better (full pdf here)

Near-Even Split on Ryan – But With Positive Movement (full pdf here)

Romney’s Popularity Stays Low, Obama’s is Better, but with Challenges (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Solid Chances, Serious Challenges Greet Romney at his Convention (full pdf here)

July 2012

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Obama’s Weak, Romney’s Weaker in Campaign Performance Ratings (full pdf here)

Public Divides on ACA Ruling, But Romney’s Plans Fall Shorter (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Race, Religion and Politics: A Look at the Election Impacts (full pdf here)

Dead Heat in Vote Preferences Presages an Epic Battle Ahead (full pdf here)

June 2012

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Health Care Law Lacks Support – But So Does the Status Quo (full pdf here)

Summer Vacation Perennial: The Mountains or the Beach? (full pdf here)

A Chilly Reception from Independents on Obama’s Plans for the Economy (full pdf here)

In VP Ratings, Bush is Weak in the Middle, Portman on the Right; Rubio Betters Both (full pdf here)


Exit poll analysis:

Wisconsin Recall Election: Walker Wins, But Obama Bests Romney in Wisconsin

May 2012

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

In Ratings on Economic Interests the 2012 Battle Lines are Drawn (full pdf here)

Most Call High School Off-Limits in Evaluating Candidate Character (full pdf here)

Strong Support for Gay Marriage Now Exceeds Strong Opposition (full pdf here)

Prosperity Shortfall Puts Obama at Risk; But Romney’s Not Yet Seized the Day (full pdf here)

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Romney Rebounds Among Women, While Obama’s Favorability Slips (full pdf here)

Views on Two Romney Policy Proposals Underscore the Candidates’ Challenges (full pdf here)

Obama and Gay Marriage: Opinions Divide, and Sharply (full pdf here)

Mixed Views on Three Key Issues Mark Obama’s Campaign Challenges (full pdf here)

April 2012

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Baseball Leads, B-ball’s Runner-up, While Hockey and NASCAR Lag (full pdf here)

Michelle Obama, Ann Romney, Hillary Clinton: In Personal Popularity the Women Rule (full pdf here)

A Record Shortfall in Personal Popularity Challenges Romney in the Race Ahead (full pdf here)

Searching for the King of Tech? In Popularity, Google Lays Claim (full pdf here)


Blog posts:

Working Moms: The Data and the Politics

Santorum’s Suspension: By the Numbers


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Romney Solidifies His GOP Position, But Head-to-Head, Women Boost Obama (full pdf here)

Tea Party Movement Looks Stalled; Half Like it Less as They Hear More (full pdf here)

Afghan War Support Hits a New Low; Many Urge Mental-Health Checks (full pdf here)

New Low in Support for Health Law; Half Expect Justices to Go Political (full pdf here)

Racial Divisions Define Opinions on the Trayvon Martin Shooting (full pdf here)

Gas Prices Take Less of a Toll; Let’s See What $4.00 Does (full pdf here)


Exit poll analysis:

Wisconsin and Maryland: Romney Leans on Wisconsin’s Well-Off

March 2012

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Record Number See Romney Negatively; Obama Outpaces Him in Popularity (full pdf here)

For Santorum, a High in the GOP; for Gingrich: Trouble with Women (full pdf here)

Romney Rebounds Among Conservatives, But Gop Contenders All Stay Underwater (full pdf here)


Blog posts:

Romney’s Republican Doubters: Is it Religion or Ideology?

Romney’s Win in Illinois: How Broadly Based?

Religion, Race and Romney’s Road Ahead

Gingrich: The Santorum Siphon?


Exit poll analyses:

Louisiana: Strong Conservatives, Religious Voters Send Santorum Soaring

Illinois: Better-Off, Better Educated Voters Boost Romney in Illinois

Alabama and Mississippi: Doubts on Romney’s Conservatism Help Santorum in the South

Super Tuesday: Theme Song: Can’t Buy Me Love?


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

As Health Care Law’s Trial Approaches, Two-Thirds Say Ditch Individual Mandate (full pdf here)

Link Between Religion and Politics is More Prevalent in GOP Primaries (full pdf here)

Concerns About Broader War Dampens Support for Iran Attack (full pdf here)

Seven in 10 Would Send Super PACs Packing  (full pdf here)

Election Expectations Move Obama’s Way; Yet Rising Gas Prices Fuel GOP Pushback (full pdf here)

Six in 10 Criticize War in Afghanistan; Most Favor Abondoning Training Mission (full pdf here)

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