Consumer Sentiment

Economic attitudes are the nation’s biorhythm, the single most consistent force in realms ranging from buying behavior to broader social and political sentiment. We’ve made a specialty of measuring them for more than 20 years.

Our Consumer Comfort Index™, a weekly survey of economic views, has been conducted continuously since 1985, producing a unique record of long-term trends in Americans’ ratings of the economy, the buying climate and their personal finances, as well as a separate measure of economic expectations. The ongoing results are followed closely by government and corporate economists and econometricians, Wall Street analysts and political and social researchers alike. Bloomberg Finance LP took over exclusive sponsorship of the index in February 2011.

We take a range of other approaches to measurement of economic sentiment, studying the interface of experience, anxiety and the behavioral impacts of financial dislocation. We’ve tracked personal responses to the Great Recession, measured the public profile of the banking system, evaluated holiday spending intentions and assessed the “new normal” in consumer behavior.

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