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Methodology and Management ยป

A detailed description of the polling standards and methodology we created for ABC News.

Our 2010 AAPOR paper explaining our approach to the inclusion of cell-phone respondents.

An item from The Numbers blog reporting on the 2010 report of the Task Force on Opt-in Online Panels of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

A report from The Numbers blog on a paper by David Yeager and Jon A. Krosnick on data quality in opt-in online panels, and the full paper itself.

โ€œBehind the Plus or Minus,โ€ an examination of claims of measurable sampling error in convenience samples.

A Public Opinion Quarterly article by Daniel M. Merkle, Gary Langer, Jon Cohen, Linda Piekarski, Robert Benford and David Lambert questioning the practice of purging business numbers from telephone samples.

An item from The Numbers blog exploring a recent controversy in data quality.

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