PARC - Knowledge management made easy

A secure, cloud-based application to store, search and instantly access your organization’s research materials.

Be highly organized, efficient and accurate   •   Reinforce your client relationships   •   Disseminate to stakeholders or the public

Offered exclusively by Langer Research Associates, PARC® is purpose-built knowledge management software for survey research professionals. It searches and retrieves individual survey questions (including trended topline data), programmed questionnaires and analytical reports and presentations, with all related materials (datasets, crosstabs and file memos, for example) a single click away. It’s simple, flexible and intuitive to use – an invaluable resource for survey analysis and management.


Find the results of every survey question you’ve ever asked – any project, any time – and all associated project files. Then, quickly construct and export programmed questionnaires with complete, correct instructions and coding.


Deploy throughout your organization, at the team level or as a client-specific or branded public-facing service, depending on your needs. Situation changes? Unlimited users can be added to or removed from an account.


Search, retrieval and storage functions are intuitive and simple to use. Your team will be up to speed in no time.


DigiCert SSL encryption and the Microsoft Azure platform keep your files safe and private, with access limited to designated users.

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Institutional memory is not a system. PARC is.
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