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Langer Research Associates is the primary news poll provider for ABC News, responsible for ABC’s partnership in the ABC News/Washington Post poll and the network’s ongoing coverage of public opinion on politics, policy, social trends and international issues.

Our ABC News polls are published at, as is our award-winning blog, The Numbers. See them here. Some recent individual ABC News poll analyses are linked below.

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February 2012

Entrance and exit poll analyses:

Michigan and Arizona: Seniors and the Wealthy Save Michigan for Romney

Nevada: Nevada’s a Romney Romp

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

New Lows Among Conservatives Mark Romney’s Popularity Problem (full pdf here)

Santorum, Romney Even in Popularity While Gingrich Fades to a New Low (full pdf here)

Santorum’s Favorability Advances, Matches Romney Among Republicans (full pdf here)

Poll Marks Challenges in U.S.-China Relations (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Economic Gains, Questions on Romney Boost Obama’s Prospects for November (full pdf here)

Frustration Index: Still Hot in the Kitchen (full pdf here)

Drones, Gitmo and Drawdown Give Obama Foreign Policy Cred (full pdf here)

Split Opinion on Tax Proposals; The Issue: Whose Ox is Gored (full pdf here)

January 2012

Exit poll analyses:

Florida: Romney Basks in Florida, Strong Conservatives Aside

South Carolina: Newt’s Turn to Shine; Credit the Debates

New Hampshire: New Hampshire Is Romney’s; What Says S.C.?

Iowa: Iowa Mash-Up Settles Nothing


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Gingrich Consulting Draws Skepticism; Romney’s Background, a Divided View (full pdf here)

Sharp Swings in Political Popularity As the Wild Ride of 2012 Continues (full pdf here)

Romney’s Favorability Surpasses Santorum, Paul (full pdf here)

Personal Optimism Prevails; Globally and Nationally, Less So (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Congress Hits a New Low in Approval; Obama Opens Election Year Under 50% (full pdf here)

Riding Electability & Expectations, Romney Rolls to 35 Percent Support (full pdf here)

Economic Sentiment Stirs; Does it Change the Dynamic? (full pdf here)

Nearly Half Call it Time for a Third Party; The Question: Whether They’d Support it (full pdf here)

December 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Obama Approval Rebounds as Congress Tanks (full pdf here)

Gingrich, Romney Go to a Tie; More See Obama as Competitive (full pdf here)

Iowa Conservatives Rally to Gingrich, Citing Experience, “Core GOP Values” (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Third-Party Challenges For Paul, Trump, Bloomberg (full pdf here)

Unfavorable Views of Obama Reach a High, Although Gingrich Trails in Popularity (full pdf here)

November 2011

ABC News/Washington Post Favorability Project:

Gingrich, Romney Outstrip Paul in Popularity Within the GOP (full pdf here)

Turkeys Popular; Congress Not (full pdf here)

In Basic Popularity, it’s Opportunity: Gingrich (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Anger at Government Hits a New Peak, Marking Battle Lines in the 2012 Election (full pdf here)

The Question for Romney: Is Electability Enough? (full pdf here)

Six in 10 Support Policies Addressing Income Inequality (full pdf here)

Cain Shows Initial Resilience in the Face of Controversy (full pdf here)

Hot and Bothered, Frustration Remains High (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Harassment Scandal: Is it the Cain Mutiny? (full pdf here)

One in Four U.S. Women Reports Workplace Harassment (full pdf here)

October 2011

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Flat Tax Outpaces 9-9-9, Notably Among Strong Conservatives (full pdf here)

Cain, Pulling in Strong Conservatives, Matches Romney in Favorablity (full pdf here)

Seven in 10 See Wall Street Negatively (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Obama Seen as Underdog – But Against Whom? (full pdf here)

Obama Gains on Jobs, Congress Hits New Low (full pdf here)

Majority Expects Obama to Lose Re-election (full pdf here)

September 2011

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Obama’s Favorability Slips – But Perry, Romney Do No Better (full pdf here)

Sharp Divisions on Bachmann and Paul (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Summer of Discontent Slams Obama – And Congressional Republicans to Boot (full pdf here)

Republican Satisfaction Grows, But So Do Ideological Battle Lines (full pdf here)

In Advance of 9/11 Anniversary, a Sense of Security Rebounds (full pdf here)

July 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Spurred by Washington’s Wrangles, Dissatisfaction Hits a 19-Year-High (full pdf here)

Obama/Romney on a See-Saw, with Challenges for the GOP Frontrunner (full pdf here)

Advantage on the Middle Class Helps Keep Obama Afloat (full pdf here)

From Lifestyles to Political Discontent, Economic Woes Take Their Toll (full pdf here)

June 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Romney, Palin See Boost; Obama Vulnerable (full pdf here)

Republicans Gain on Deficit, Economy; But Trust in ‘Neither’ Hits a 25-Year High (full pdf here)

GOP Voting Factors: Look Out for Marital Infidelity (full pdf here)

Criticism of War Eases, but Still a Majority; Three-Quarters Want Substantial Withdrawal (full pdf here)

Nearly Six in 10 Support Involvement in Libya (full pdf here)

Obama’s Goods and Bads (full pdf here)

April 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

2012 Election Preview: Obama Struggles, GOP Too (full pdf here)

Opposition to Medicare Cuts Shows Risk to Republicans (full pdf here)

Gas Prices Slam Drivers – and Obama (full pdf here)

On Libya, Criticism of Obama (full pdf here)

Opposition to Nuclear Power Spikes (full pdf here)

March 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Confidence in Government Falls (full pdf here)

Support for Gay Marriage Reaches a Milestone (full pdf here)

State Budgets vs. Social Security: Find the Real Third Rail (full pdf here)

Three-quarters Back Women in Combat Roles (full pdf here)

Palin’s Favorability Declines (full pdf here)

Support for Libyan No-Flight Zone Comes with Questions (full pdf here)

January 2011

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

GOP War Horses Lead the 2012 Parade (full pdf here)

Friend or Foe? Americans See Threat in China’s Economic Strength (full pdf here)

Criticisms of Health Care Resonate – But Repeal is Another Matter  (full pdf here)

Obama Approval Moves Ahead, Though Challenges Remain (full pdf here)

Obama Lauded on Response to Tucson; More See Chance of Political Conciliation (full pdf here)

December 2010

ABC News/Yahoo! News poll: Quack Check: Lame-Duck Legislation Proves Popular (full pdf here)

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Assessment of Afghanistan War Sours (full pdf here)

Persistent Economic Discontent Casts Continuing Political Pall (full pdf here)

Broad Backing for Obama-GOP Tax Deal (full pdf here)

ABC/BBC/ARD/Washington Post poll: Afghanistan – Where Things Stand (full pdf here)

November 2010

ABC News/Washington Post poll: Airport Security (full pdf here)

ABC News/Yahoo! News poll: Gridlock

2010 Exit Poll Analysis: The Political Price of Economic Pain

October 2010

ABC News/Washington Post poll: “Change” 2010-Style Turns the Political Screw

ABC News/Yahoo! News polls:

Optimism in U.S. System Hits a 30-Year Low

Tea Party Seizes the Mantle of Change

Cooperation and Politics

Anger Fuels Republican Advantage

ABC News/Washington Post poll: GOP Advantage Eases, Still Large, as Economic Optimism Shows a Pulse

September 2010

ABC News/Yahoo! News poll: Politics, Economy and the American Dream

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Revolt Against the Status Quo Gives GOP a Record Lead

Political Risk in Cordoba House Controversy

At Ninth 9/11, a Diminished Sense of Safety

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