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Langer Research Associates is the primary news poll provider for ABC News, responsible for ABC’s partnership in the ABC News/Washington Post poll and the network’s ongoing coverage of public opinion on politics, policy, social trends and international issues.

Our ABC News polls are published at, as is our award-winning blog, The Numbers. See them here. Some recent individual ABC News poll analyses are linked below.

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November 2017

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Democratic Advantage for ’18 Might Not Be What it Seems (pdf)

A Year After His Surprise Election, 65% Say Trump’s Achieved Little (pdf)

Six in 10 Say Trump’s Tax Plan Favors the Wealthy (pdf)

Broad Backing for Manafort Charges as Half Suspect Trump of Wrongdoing (pdf)

October 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Unwanted Sexual Advances: Not Just a Hollywood Story (pdf)

September 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Most Now See Climate Change as Responsible for Hurricane Severity (pdf)

Two-Thirds Say Large Corporations Pay Too Little in Federal Taxes (pdf)

Americans Back DACA by a Huge Margin (pdf)

Dems’ Approval is as Bad as Trump’s; Congressional GOP’s Even Worse (pdf)

Deep Challenges for Trump from North Korea to the Home Front (pdf)

Public Prefers Obamacare to Graham-Cassidy, 56-33% (pdf)

August 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Trump Approval is Low but Steady; On Charlottesville, Lower Still (pdf)

July 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

A Midterm Preference for Democrats, but Without Anti-Trump Motivation (pdf)

Distrust in Trump Deepens North Korea Concerns (pdf)

Public to Trump: Lay off the Twitter (pdf)

Six Months In, a Record Low for Trump, With Troubles from Russia to Health Care (pdf)

June 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

61 Percent Say Trump Fired Comey to Protect Himself (pdf)

Americans Oppose Climate Pact Pullout 2 to 1; Plurality Rejects the Economic Argument (pdf)

April 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Nearly Half of Americans Think There’s a “Deep State” (pdf)

Views on Russian Influence Reflect Partisan Finger-Pointing (pdf)

Only 37 Percent Say Trump Should Repeal and Replace Obamacare (pdf)

President Trump at 100 Days: No Honeymoon but No Regrets (pdf)


ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

51% Back U.S. Strike on Syria, But with Concern about Russian Relations (pdf)

January 2017

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Trump’s Inauguration: Celebration for Some, Stress for Others (pdf)

Obama Leaves on a High Note – Yet with Tepid Career Ratings (pdf)

Trump to Enter Office as Most Unpopular President in at Least 40 Years (pdf)

Public Splits on Trump’s Ethics Compliance; Three-Quarters Want Tax Returns Released (pdf)

November 2016

ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

74 Percent Call Election Legitimate, But With a Vast Partisan Divide


2016 ABC News Exit Poll Analysis:

Huge Margin Among Working-Class Whites Lifts Trump to a Stunning Election Upset


ABC News/Washington Post Daily Tracking Poll:

2016 Race Stays at 47-43 Through Sunday

Clinton, Trump at Campaign’s End: Still Close – and Still Unpopular (pdf)

Qualifications, Temperament Aid Clinton in 2016 Campaign’s Closing Days (pdf)

Clinton Rebounds on Enthusiasm; Trump Slips in a Still-Tight Race (pdf)

Hint of Momentum for Clinton, With Issues a Defining Factor (pdf)

Beneath a Close Election Contest Lie Deep Rifts Among Groups (pdf)

Trump Rated More Honest; Contest Stays a Dead Heat (pdf)

Clinton, Trump All but Tied as Enthusiasm Dips for Democratic Candidate (pdf)

October 2016

ABC News/Washington Post Daily Tracking Poll:

Deep Unfavorability for Clinton, Trump Marks the Election’s Sharp Divisions (pdf)

Clinton and Trump Even Up; Turnout Looks to be Critical (pdf)

Shifts in the Electorate’s Makeup Tightens the Presidential Contest (pdf)

Clinton’s Lead Narrows to 4 Points, Wider Majority Expects Her to Win (pdf)

Slight Shifts in Intention Aid Trump, Amid Anxiety About Both Candidates (pdf)

A Dead Heat for Congress, Despite Clinton’s Advantage (pdf)

Stressed About the Election? If So, You’ve Got Company (pdf)

Diminished Enthusiasm Dogs Trump; Clinton Gains in Affirmative Support (pdf)

Clinton Vaults to a Double-Digit Lead, Boosted by Broad Disapproval of Trump (pdf)


ABC News/Washington Post Poll:

Enthusiasm for Donald Trump Fades, Yet Partisanship Keeps It Close (pdf)

September 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton Trounces Trump in Debate Reactions; Trump’s Unfavorability Edges Up (pdf)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton-Trump Race Narrows on the Doorstep of the Debates (pdf)

Views on Race and Gender Mark Stark Divide Between Clinton, Trump Supporters (pdf)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Qualifications, Consistency Help Clinton, While Turnout Keeps Trump in the Hunt (pdf)

Pessimistic or Optimistic? Election-Wise, It Matters (pdf)

August 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton Opens 23-Point Lead Among Women, Gains With Democrats as Trump Struggles (full pdf here)

Zika Concerns Remain Stable Despite its Arrival on the Mainland (full pdf here)

Trump’s Challenge? It’s Not Just Temperament

With Bernie Busted, Young Adults See Third-Party Appeal (pdf here)

White Catholics: Swing Voters Redux? (pdf here)

Gender, Education Split Among White Voters Key to 2016 Election

Clinton Unpopularity at New High, on Par With Trump (pdf)

July 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton vs. Trump Leaves 6 in 10 Unhappy; Contest Tightens as Conventions Loom (full PDF here)

8 in 10 Seek ‘Major’ Focus on Race as Most Say Relations Are Worsening (full PDF here)

Majority Disapproves of Decision Not to Charge Clinton on Emails (full PDF here)

June 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Broad Support for Zika Funding – But Less Urgency or Concern (full pdf here)

Clinton Leads Trump on Orlando Massacre Response, Trust to Handle Terrorism (full pdf here)

Clinton Opens 12-Point Lead on Trump as Two-Thirds See Him as Biased (full pdf here)

Trump’s Unfavorables Spike, But Clinton’s Challenged, Too (full pdf here)

With Clinton Near Clinching, a Lookahead to the Main Event

May 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton vs. Trump (full pdf here)

Exit poll analyses:

2016 Exit Poll Review

Indiana primary

April 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Trump’s Unpopularity Stays Sky High; Cruz Hits a High in Negative Ratings (full pdf here)

ABC News exit poll analysis:

Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maryland primaries

New York primary

Wisconsin primary

March 2016

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

The Roots of Trumpismo: Populism and Pushback (full pdf here)

Trump Hits a Wall Within the GOP; His Critics Back a Convention Fight (full pdf here)

Challenges for Trump vs. Clinton: Favorability, Attributes and More (full pdf here)

Public Backs Scalia Replacement Hearings by Nearly 2-1 (full pdf here)

ABC News exit/entrance poll analyses:

Junior Tuesday primaries

Super Tuesday primaries

Michigan and Mississippi primaries

February 2016

ABC News exit/entrance poll analyses:

The Nevada Republican caucuses

The South Carolina Democratic primary

The South Carolina Republican primary and Nevada Democratic caucuses

Two Saturday Surprises

The New Hampsire primary

January 2016

ABC News entrance poll analysis: The Iowa Caucuses

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

GOPers Call Trump the Likely Winner; His Lead Stays Big, With Cruz Behind (full pdf here)

Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (full pdf here)

Clinton’s Advantage Hits a Campaign Low; She Lags on Trust While Leading on Issues  (full pdf here)

Cruz and Christie Gain in Popularity as Trump, Carson and Bush Stumble (full pdf here)

December 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Trump Hits a New High in the GOP Race; Against Clinton, It’s Outsider vs. Experience (full pdf here)

Trump Plan is Supported in his Party But Widely Opposed Outside the GOP (full pdf here)

Clinton Takes Big Lead into Debate, But With a Trustworthiness Deficit (full pdf here)

Most Now Oppose an Assault Weapons Ban; Doubts About Stopping a Lone Wolf Run High (full pdf here)

Behind the Numbers on Opposition to an Assault Weapons Ban

Outsider Sentiment Leaves Its Mark on 2016 Races

November 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Terrorism Worries Are Back; Bernie Sanders Is Up, GOP Is Steady (full pdf here

Terrorism Fears Rise Post-Paris; Most Back Force, Oppose Refugees (full pdf here)

No Clear Advantage in Trust on Terrorism (full pdf here)

Two in Three Call Climate Change Serious; Many Still See Scientific Disagreement (full pdf here)

Obama Approval Slips Back Under 50 Percent (full pdf here)

Trump Favorability: Stable Overall, Divisions among Groups 

Views on Climate Change: It’s about the Scientists

Clinton Sweeps in Democratic Popularity But Faces Challenges Outside the Party (full pdf here)

Carson Leads in Popularity Overall; Even with Trump Within the GOP (full pdf here)

October 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

More See Mass Shootings as a Mental Health Issue (full pdf here)

Both Clinton and GOP Viewed Negatively on Benghazi (full pdf here)

Donald Trump Leads in Expectations, Shows Strength on Attributes (full pdf here)

Clinton Rebounds in Democratic Race, Gaining Against Sanders and Biden Alike (full pdf here)

Obama Regains Majority Job Approval; Most See GOP Infighting as Dysfunction (full pdf here)

Clinton Smokes Sanders Among Democrats; Among Independents, the Table Turns (full pdf here)

September 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Clinton Goes Under Water; Trump Polarization Grows (full pdf here)

Insider vs. Outsider Matchup Finds Clinton, Trump Near Even (full pdf here)

Clinton’s Support Drops by a Third as Trump, Carson Surge in GOP race (full pdf here)

Equal Treatment Prevails in Views on Gay Marriage (full pdf here)

Views of the Church as “in Touch” Soar; Most See Real Change Under Francis (full pdf here)

Twenty Years Out, Racial Gap Narrows on Simpson Verdict (full pdf here)

Divisions Mark Trump’s Popularity; Bases Are Broader for Carson, Fiorina (full pdf here)

Blog post:

Improving Trend for Obama on the Economy

Americans Divide on Iran Deal

July 2015

ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Immigration Critics Drive Trump Surge; Yet Most Americans Favor Legal Status (full pdf here)

Discomfort with Social Directions Marks a Charged Political Landscape (full pdf here)

Donald Trump Gains Yet Shows Vulnerability in a Crowded, Contentious GOP Race (full pdf here)

Majority Favors Iran Nuclear Deal Despite Doubts That It’ll Work (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Trump’s Popularity Rises, Still 2-1 Negative, While Clinton Regains Positive Territory (full pdf here)

May 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Bush Slides Into a GOP Free-For-All; Clinton Weakens on Trustworthiness (full pdf here)

Obama’s Job Approval Suffers Amid Economic and ISIS Worries (full pdf here)

Poll Marks Love/Hate View of the Affordable Care Act (full pdf here)


ABC News/ESPN poll:

Fans Broadly Back NFL Sanctions; Eight in 10 Suspect Other Teams, Too (full pdf here)

April 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Support for Gay Marriage Reaches Record High (full pdf here)

March 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Climate Change, Tax Pledge Among Issues to Watch for 2016 (full pdf here)

Clinton’s Popularity Declines–But Still Beats her GOP Rivals’ (full pdf here)

Obama’s Approval Rating Flattens–Albeit With No Sign of GOP Tailwinds (full pdf here)

Americans Favor Deal With Iran by 2-1; Relations With Israel Are Highly Politicized (full pdf here)

January 2015

ABC News/Washington Post poll:

History’s a Positive for Clinton; Not So for Bush or Romney (full pdf here)

The State of the Union, 2015: Not Great, but Getting Better (full pdf here)

An Improving Economy Gives Obama His Game Back (full pdf here)

Blog post:

Worries About Terrorism Rise Post-Paris

Huckabee vs. Clinton: Reconsider the Day Job?

At the End of Afghanistan War, Most Doubt its Value

December 2014

Blog post:

In Police/Community Controversies, Vast Majorities Back Special Prosecutors, Body Cams


ABC News/Washington Post polls:

Poll Finds Broad Public Support for Open Relations with Cuba (full pdf here)

Racial, Generational & Political Divisions Mark Americans’ Attitudes on Ferguson (full pdf here)


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Obama and Immigration: What He Did vs. How He Dit It (full pdf here)

Democratic Allegiance Hits a Low; Can the GOP Seize the Opportunity? (full pdf here)

There’s Work Ahead if Bush Does Run; He’s at 14% in a Fragmented GOP Field (full pdf here)

Six in 10 See CIA Actions as Justified As Many Question Committee Report (full pdf here)

November 2014

Blog post:

A Test of Presidential Timber


2014 ABC News Exit Poll Analysis:

Fresh Blast of Discontent Reshapes the Political Order


ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Beyond the Midterms: Who’d Be Good in 2016? (full pdf here)

Obama Hits Career Lows in Favorability, Empathy (full pdf here)

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